Slowly but surely, step by step, inch by inch. I feel like I’ve been vague with my wording on timing so no one can hold me accountable for delays! Kidding aside, I haven’t taken reservations yet because I wasn’t and am still not 100% sure on a date. What I can say is we are almost done with construction. Now, lot’s of inspections. The good news is all of our inspectors are super fair and have been very helpful. I’ve had some fun with lawyers and my liquor license, it seems that going from wine and beer to adding a bottle of scotch and vodka means doing some really odd blood letting ritual. Thankfully I’m a big guy and have lots of blood to spare, so that should work out in the end. Shooting for mid December, I will post another video update tomorrow and update this site next Monday again. Thanks for your patience.

ps. the phone is working, but no reservations yet. 🙂