Our hope is that you all made it unscathed and happily into 2023. We took a break and now everyone is raring to go. We’ve added some noise dampeners in the main dining room and they are helping a little. Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday starting at 5pm. For Valentines Day we are offering regular menu with a 3 course shared menu for two that we will post Friday. We have a few charity events coming up and will keep you posted. As it stands right now we are a week out for reservations on Friday’s and Saturday’s between 6pm and 8pm. Some have asked about our system, the reason we do it via phone only is so that I may control the flow and seating times for you. We will never have a line of people at the door, nor will we ask you to wait 20 minutes in the bar area. It’s truly just about maximizing the experience for our guests and allowing our staff to serve you best. Lastly, we will pick up the wine dinner program in May. I will post dates for most or all of the 6 dinners we do in early April. Then as the wines and menu’s are decided we will post them here. Thanks so much for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in 2023.